Lighting Modifiers

Lighting is more than flashes, hot lights and stands; it’s also the modifiers and accessories that help you create the look that really makes your photos stand out. We carry a selection of softboxes, umbrellas and other accessories that can help you turn light into an ally while you’re shooting. Contact us to reserve any equipment shown here.

Wireless Flash Triggers
Pocket Wizard Transceiver (Set of Two)
$20/day • $60/week

Pocket Wizard Transceiver
$10/day • $30/week
General Softboxes
These high-quality and highly efficient soft boxes provide a nearly homogeneous window-light quality of illumination that is perfect for professional portraiture, fashion and product photography.
Small 24x32, White or silver interior
$15/day • $45/week

Medium 36x48, White or Silver Interior
$15/day • $45/week

Large 54x72, White or Silver Interior
$24/day • $72/week

Strip Bank 9x36, White Interior
$12/day • $36/week
Profoto Softbox OctaThese heat-resistant, octagonal softboxes can be used for flash and continuous lighting. Their unique shape creates a natural looking catch-light in the subject's eye.

Profoto Softbox Octa 3' | $35/day • $105/week
Profoto Softbox Octa 5' | $45/day • $135/week
Profoto HardboxThe Hardbox is basically the opposite of a softbox. In other words, it eliminates stray light and reduces the size of the light source. This allows you to create a light that is rich in contrast and very similar to direct sunlight with deep sharp shadows and pinpoint-sized highlights. Replace the standard frosted glass cover on the flash head with a clear glass cover for the best effect.

$55/day • $165/week
Strip Softboxes9x36 with white interior
$15/day • $45/week

14x56 with white interior
$18/day • $54/week
Softbox GridsRibbon Grid Egg Crate 9x36
$15/day • $45/week

Ribbon Grid Egg Crate 14x56
$20/day • $60/week

Ribbon Grid Egg Crate 36x48
$20/day • $60/week

Ribbon Grid Egg Crate 54x72
$20/day • $60/week
Westcott Scrim Jim Cine KitsThese acclaimed kits make it easy to bounce or diffuse any light source to shape a truly unique look.

Westcott Scrim Jim 42” x 71” | $35/day • $105/week
Westcott Scrim Jim 71” x 71” | $45/day • $135/week
Westcott Fast Flags Scrim KitThis Fast Flags Scrim Kit consists of an assortment of 24" x 36" light diminishing Flags and Diffusion Fabrics, perfect for shoots where you are looking for a variety of looks.

$15/day • $45/week
4'x4' Collapsable Black FlagGet control of your shot in moments and control lens flare, spill light and more.

$20/day • $60/week
General Umbrellas
Silver/White 36" Umbrella
$5.00/day • $15.00/week

Silver/White 46"
$5.00/day • $15.00/week

Silver/Black 65"
$7.50/day • $22.50/week
Elinchrome Octa 74/75This umbrella offers a 75" diameter surface area and wide coverage, making it an ideal single light source for many photographers. Its shape makes it perfect for fashion and portraiture alike.

$75/day • $225/week
Photek Softlighter II The Softlighter’s white reflective surface perfectly reflects the color of your light while its stout black nylon cover stops all stray and ricochet, enhancing total light control. Additionally, this umbrella’s unique construction consists of ten panels instead of the usual eigh — that means more reflective surfaces and in improved circle of light.

Photek Softlighter 46” | $10/day • $30/week
Photek Softlighter 60” | $15/day • $45/week

Overhead Silks & GriffsGet just the light you want with silks, griffs , solids & scrims designed for the busy photographer.

Available in three sizes: 8'x8' • 12'x12' • 20'x20'
Overhead FramesThese overhead frames consists of heavy duty 0.11 thick square section tube that slot and pin locked together. This provides a highly stable frame for silks, scrims, etc.

8'x8' Overhead Frame | $40/day • $120/week
12'x12' Overhead Frame | $50/day • $150/week
20'x20' Overhead Frame | $60/day • $180/week
Manfrotto BoomsDirect lighting and create unique looks quickly with Manfrotto lighting booms.

Mini Boom (6')| $25/day • $75/week
Super Boom (8') | $40/day • $120/week
Mega Boom (12') | $75/day • $225/week
Apple BoxVarious Sizes

$3/day • $9/week
Extension Cords (Stingers)$4/day • $12/week
Umbrella Adapters$3/day • $9/week
Super Clamps$4/day • $12/week