Camera Sensor Cleaning

A speck of dust can ruin a single shot on a film camera, but when your digital camera’s sensors get dirty, it can ruin an entire day’s worth of shooting — or worse.

Cleaning the sensor on your digital camera can return your device like-new picture quality when it comes to your captures, but it’s time-consuming, tedious and it’s easy to damage your DSLR. The team at Boston Photo Rental has years of experience cleaning digital camera sensors and know how to do the job right the first time. Eliminate the guesswork and risks by trusting your digital camera’s sensor to experts who care.

In addition to the sensor itself, we also thoroughly clean your DSLR’s body, eyepiece, LCD screen, lens mount and sensor chambers. Contact us today and make an appointment to help make your camera last longer and shoot better.

Note that sensor cleaning is only available on DSLR cameras.