Tungsten Hot Lights, LED & Fluorescent Lighting Rentals

Hot lights stay “on” while you’re shooting, so you can see the exact effect you’re going to get when you take your photo. They require a more hands-on approach than other forms of lighting, but can result in a more consistent shoot. Contact us to reserve hot lighting equipment today!

Note that we offer a special weekend rate on all our gear: pick it up on Friday after 3:00PM and have it back on Monday by noon and you only pay for one day’s rental.

Tungsten Hot Lighting Kits

Tota-Light Kit with two heads, stands and caseWith two Tota-lights in the kit and all the mounting equipment you'll need, this is a perfect setup for photographic copy work and fast headshoots with a few subjects.

$30/day • $90/week

Tungsten Hot Lighting Units And Accessories

Arri Tungsten LightsOur selection of Arri-brand tungsten lights ensures you get the exact power you need for any shoot.

Arri 150 Tungsten Light | CALL FOR RATES
Arri 650 Tungsten Light | CALL FOR RATES
Arri 1k Tungsten Light | CALL FOR RATES
Arri 2k Tungsten Light | CALL FOR RATES
Lowel Tota-light
Compact, rugged & versatile, the broad throw Tota-light is a Lowel time honored favorite. It can be used with its umbrella or gel-frame & diffusion as a soft key, fill, or backlight.

$15/day • $45/week
Tota-brella Standard
This 27" reflector Fits directly on the Tota and Omni accessory bracket to convert them to soft shadow sources.

$5/day • $15/week

LED & Fluorescent Lights

Lowel TotaLED FloodlightThis 5600K Daylight LED Floodlight features 4275 Lux, 750W Tungsten equivalent lighting and 100-10% Stepless Dimming on a 65° Beam Angle. It also keeps things relaxed with quiet, fanless operation. Power it with a V-Mount battery or AC adapter.

$35/day • $105/week
Two Light (4 Tube) Kit with StandsFluorescent lights create an even, soft light that's perfect for portrait work and product shots. Capture all of the detail of your subject.

$50/day • $150/week
Super Cool-Lite 2 Softbox KitThe Super Cool-Lite line of lights gives you continuous, cool light in a compact kit while only using 1/4th the amount of energy of tungsten lights. Using fluorescent lamps, Cool-Lites produce 5200°k daylight color while remaining cool for your subjects.

$60.00/day • $180.00/week
Mosaic Bi-Colour LED PanelThis high-powered, modular, LED light bank with 576 super-bright power LEDs provides from 2400 to 5200 Lux of high-quality blend-able light, easily adjusted from 2800K to 5600K at the touch of a button - perfect for both studio and location video lighting or photography.

$75.00/day • $225.00/week
LED 1000 ColorWith a color temperature range that goes from from 3200K to 6000K, this versatile LED video light offers the exacting control modern photographers need.

$50/day • $150/week