Nikon Flash Rental

Nikon flashes offer unparalleled lighting performance, helping you make sure that you get the most out of the time you spend shooting. Contact us to reserve a flash today!

Note that we offer a special weekend rate on all our gear: pick it up on Friday after 3:00PM and have it back on Monday by noon and you only pay for one day’s rental.

SB-800 Speedlight
Nikon's powerful Speedlight unit provides incredible lighting flexibility both as a stand-alone Speedlight, wireless commander or remote unit. You get unbeatable flexibility with the SB-800 with the ability to control as many as 3 remote groups and Auto FP High-speed sync for working with higher shutter speeds offering greater depth of field control.

$25/day • $75/week
SB-910 Speedlight
The SB-910 is Nikon’s most sophisticated and powerful Creative Lighting System portable Speedlight designed for use on camera as well as for complete wireless control in the studio or on location. Featuring Nikon's versatile i-TTL (intelligent through-the-lens) metering for on camera or wireless flash control, the SB-910 can operate as a hot shoe mounted Speedlight, remote unit or wireless Commander.

$30/day • $90/week
SC-29 Off Camera Cord
Approx. 9-ft. coiled cord with built-in AF-Assist Illuminator for placement of the SB-910, SB-900, or SB-700 off camera. The SC-28/SC-29 makes off-camera TTL flash control easy and assured. With the Nikon D-SLRs, the SC-29 also works as an external AF-assist illuminator.

$5/day • $15/week
Hot Shoe to PC Adapter
Designed for use with Nikon cameras with standard ISO-type accessory shoes that do not have a sync terminal.
The AS-15 is compatible with cameras such as the D7000, D90, D5000, D3100 and D3000, which feature standard ISO-type accessory shoe but lack a sync terminal for large studio strobes.

$3/day • $9/week