Is it time to clean my camera’s sensor?

By on Jan 8, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

It’s a question we hear pretty often. The fact that the question is asked in the first place is usually a pretty strong indicator. If you find that your skies are speckled with curiously shaped bits of mystery matter that don’t change position from one image to the next and you’re spending a lot of time in post-production making them go away, it’s time.

Cleaning your sensor isn’t actually that challenging and it’s a lot of professional and semi-professional photographers do it themselves. However, patience and the right environment are important, and that’s something a lot of people don’t have. When you clean your camera’s sensor, you need to have a dust-free area and the time to do it right. There are no shortcuts when it comes to cleaning your camera’s sensor. You’ll have to exercise care and caution not to scratch the surface and you’ll need to have an adequate amount of sensor swabs and cleaning fluids. It is a repetitive process that often expends six or more sensor swabs and lots of time.


You can also have a professional handle it for you! We here at Boston Photo Rental offer sensor cleaning services. It’s often said that the more you do something, the better at it you become and you’ll be glad to hear that we do it a lot!

Give us a call or send us an email to make an appointment. All you need to do is include an empty memory card and make sure your battery is charged. We’ll take care of the rest! A typical sensor cleaning takes about an hour and costs $60.