DSLR Lenses: What’s The Big Deal?

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The experts at Boston Photo Rental explain why you may want to use a dedicated prime or zoom lens versus a kit lens and how affordable they can be to rent.

Photographing The Moon

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Find out how to shoot the moon!

Boston Photo Rental’s Home For The Holidays Special

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We’re offering a special deal to people who want to take home a lens or DSLR camera rental for their holiday photos. Come by on Christmas Eve before 1:00PM (when we’ll be closing for the holiday) to pick up your gear and you’ve got it until noon on the following Monday for the price of one day’s rental. Of course, this only applies to inventory we have in stock, so contact us to make your reservations early.

Taking The Best Photos Of Stars And The Night Sky

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The team at Boston Photo Rental walks you through taking great photos of the night sky — it’s easier than you’d think!